When Matt was 2 years old he would climb into the car on the driver’s side and grab the rear view mirror to balance himself.

It would irritate me to no end to have to clean off the smudge prints of his fingers that were usually caked with something. I’d encourage him to grab hold of something else, but he always hung on to the mirror to my consternation.

When we found his mother, his brother and he was HIV positive and I wasn’t going to keep him for very long, I looked at those fingerprints and never wanted them to go away. I never wanted to lose those fingerprints.

Time passed and there are no more fingerprints. It helps me to realize what really matters. What really is important in this world. I miss those fingerprints. I’m so grateful for his life. Matt gave me so much in our 13 years together. One of the best things he ever gave me were

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Benjamin Fingerprints


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