Best Books on Grief and Bereavement

Best Books on Grief and Bereavement

There are many books about grief because we all grieve. We’ve all experienced loss, but our own unique loss leaves us many times in isolation and in search. So, we search books on grief and bereavement. We wander the bookstores looking for the best books on grief, whether it is books for grieving parents, bereavement books, or grief books in general.

But books on grief and loss that help the most have a common touch. Words on a page that settle in the depths of a broken heart can provide comfort in knowing we are not alone. Another’s story that is written to help with grief is most helpful when there is a deep connection to our story.

Books About Grief

Every loss is distinct and has its own particular unfolding. The loss of a child is different from a loss of a life partner. The loss of a dear friend has a different texture of sorrow than the loss of a parent. But just as every loss is different, every loss in many ways is the same.

Each loss, every loss, needs expression, and we all have different ways of coping with loss. There is a need for words to penetrate the isolation and aloneness that leaves us longing for one more touch, one more moment, with the ones we loved.

Even the best books on grief can only point in the general location of where you are. Bereavement books that offer you the answer, the remedy for your sorrow, are not the best books on grieving.

The best books on grief and loss are the ones that can describe their pain as you search out your own. If you are looking for dealing with death books that can help you in great loss, this book speaks the language of the heart. For those that speak from the heart can touch the broken heart like no other.

Grief speaks a common language in a unique way. Those that can leave messages along the path of great sorrow that say, “This is what I experienced. This is what I found,” are the ones that can help when the pain goes beyond words. And in their experience perhaps lies what you have experienced and found, or will one day find.

Out of the Ashes: Healing in the Afterloss is an account of one journey that is a reflection of most journeys through loss. This is more than typical books on grief and bereavement. It is an account of healing. Healing is not getting over the loss. Healing is finding peace while living in the Afterloss. The best books on grieving and books about grief are ones that write your story in their own words and they become our story, our story of loss, life and love, and of finding peace in the Afterloss.

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