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This site is about healing loss. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, or a dream, we find ourselves lost in another world. What was before no longer is. This is the world of the Afterloss. It is our goal to share this world together and to help each other navigate this new experience. We are here to explore what was lost and what is left, and find a new way to relate to both.

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Finding the Way

Loss is a part of life, and just like life we all deal with loss differently. When we give ourselves permission to lean into loss, this unique process of healing finds its own time and rhythm. There are parts of the Afterloss that only you know and only you can travel, but every one who has experienced loss in one form or another knows the path has many footprints that can lead us into healing. We are not alone. This site is here as a testament that you are not alone.


best books on grief


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These books are amazing tributes to those who have passed and a gift of peace for those left behind.

Deborah Brown

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