Basic Home Study Course



Living in the AfterLoss Basic Home Study Course

“Coming to a Place of Peace and Healing”


This course can help you:

  • learn how to navigate the landscape of the Afterloss
  • discover healthy ways to experience the grieving process
  • find a new way to relate to what was lost and what is left

If you want to:

  • identify and create what you need for healing
  • determine what to keep and what to let go
  • gain a deeper quality of life in the midst of loss,

then this is the most important thing you’ll read all year.

Here’s why…
Because grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. Grief is both individual and unique. As every life is unique, so are the feelings, thoughts and experiences each person has about a relationship that has been radically altered by death, divorce, or for other reasons.

“When I could finally put a frame around the grief and see the whole picture, I was able to move through the pain to a much better place – the rest of my life!”  ~ Mary Smith, Phoenix

My name is Benjamin Scott Allen, author of Out of the Ashes: Healing in the AfterLoss and I have walked the path of loss. I have also helped many people go deep within their own losses and move within the healing process. I have been through the darkest of days in pain and loss, experiencing the overwhelming devastation. Yes, I lost wife and two children over a thirteen year period. But I found my footing in the world of the Afterloss and a way forward to peace and healing. If you feel you are alone in working your way through your loss, please be assured you are not. And you do not have to walk this path alone.

This course will give you a compass to navigate the world of the AfterLoss. You will uncover a way of life that honors your loss while transforming the experience of deep sorrow into peace and healing.

Many people need help identifying AfterLoss milestones. This course will help you put a name to your thoughts and feelings and actions.

What You Get in the Living in the AfterLoss Basic Home Study Course

  • You’ll find a new relationship with how you experience your own unique grieving process and how to live true to yourself and your sorrow.
  • You’ll find out how to embrace preparatory grief so you are able to start to become aware of what is important to you and what you need in order to be there for yourself and the ones you love.
  • You’ll be given an opportunity to find a healthy and nurturing unfolding of grief and experience how healing can rise from the depths of loss.

The Home Study program is 7 modules delivered over the course of 7 weeks. The modules will be audio, video and written exercises to get you on the path to peace and healing.

Module 1: Entering the Afterloss: What to Do and Not Do When Loss First Happens

Module 2: Navigating the Landscape of the Afterloss

Module 3: Exploring the Different Layers of Loss

Module 4: The Integration of Life into Loss

Module 5: The Integration of Loss into Life

Module 6: Healing Rituals and Practices

Module 7: Living with Loss in the Renewal of Life

You get all of this for only $97…

I am pleased to offer a $20 discount if you email me a receipt for my book, Out of the Ashes: Healing in the AfterLoss.

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