Out of the Ashes

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My hope is that this book brings you or a loved one comfort and an awareness of a caring community.

Navigating the choppy waters of loss and grief is tough enough, but feeling like you are alone makes it all the worse.

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Grief is often a solitary path. There are places only you can go. However, when you step into the footprints of others who have journeyed the path of loss and who have come to a place of healing, you know you can do it too. What was before, no longer is. This is the world of the Afterloss. This book is designed to help you navigate this new world and know you are not alone. Healing in the AfterLoss: A Personal Pathway through Grief is an exploration into this expansive nature of life, love and loss. Living in loss is a perpetual reintegration process.It is about harmonizing what is gone and what is left. The three areas explored here are the new world within us, the new relationship with the ones we will always love, and the new world in which we live now. Hopefully, you will find within these pages a pathway to your own reintegration in your own Afterloss.

This coloring journal will give you a place to write about your reflections, memories and the path you are traveling in the Afterloss.

Take some time for yourself on a regular basis to “work” in this book. Remember, there are no rules in coloring and no one will read your journal entries. So do what you do, feel what you feel, and if you color outside the lines because it suits your mood ~ good for you!

Inside you will find stress-relieving and creativity-expanding coloring pages plus personal development support via journaling prompts and links to grief healing audios. Used together, these inner and outer tools help you access your own inner guidance ~ while having fun and creating inspiring works of art.

This unique multi-media coloring journal book blends a full spectrum of creative learning styles designed to activate brain balance ~ visual (seeing), auditory (listening), kinesthetic (coloring, writing), left brain (listing, planning, journaling), right brain (coloring, doodling, visualizing). We hope it gives you insight and peace. Learn about our other Coloring Journals for Healthy Living at ColoringJournalsforHealthyLiving.com

Like seeing one’s reflection on a still pond, Seasons of Solace: Reflections on Grief is a reflection of great loss resting upon nature’s gentle beauty. Our greatest desire is that you will see your reflection in our reflections. Words on a page can never truly describe the emptiness found when someone we love slips beyond our reach. Yet, it is our hope that these words, born out of loss, can be a bridge to solace in your seasons of sorrow. May our hearts meet within these pages and find healing on our common path. May in our shared loss we find our shared life. May in our aloneness we discover our tears fall on the same earth and flow into the same ocean. And through these reflections may our great loss bring us into an even greater love. When we look into the still pond, into our own reflection, we can see others on the water’s edge and know our solitary sorrow is not reflection our aloneness, but of our shared love. Perhaps you find here the comfort of experiencing that you are not alone. Such great loss, such great love, lives within us all. We invite you to join us within these pages in a place of healing in our seasons of solace.

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