Books for Grieving Parents

grieving the loss of a child

Children are not supposed to die before us.

Many books for grieving parents attempt to paint on a colorless palette. There are no words, no brush strokes that truly reflect the excruciating inner landscape of the loss of a child. Nevertheless, books for parents living in loss do help with grief.

A photograph captures a child’s image. But to you, the parent that is left behind who needs books for grieving the loss of a child, the photo captures both their essence and your love. Loss takes the most precious part of life and the most tender of love and encases life in an empty world void of the greatest love that could ever be taken.

Out of the Ashes: Healing in the Afterloss is one of the most influential books for grieving parents living both in preparatory grief and/or the unbearable grief born out of death that every parent who loses a child is forced to bear. For three long months that ended too quickly, Benjamin and Lydia knew their baby, Bryan, would die. They knew from the time their other child, Matt, was three that he was to die. Bryan died at eight months old and Matt ultimately died a month after his thirteenth birthday.

Books for Grieving the Loss of a Child

We need books for grieving the loss of a child. They speak of the plans, dreams, hopes lost that all books for grieving parents share. Yet, it is more than a book for grieving parents. It is more than a book for dealing with a death. This is an account of how life is lived in the epicenter of love and loss.

Books for grieving the loss of a child are written to communicate, to connect. This book connects where life and loss connect – in each one of us. Loss in any form shapes us. Someone who is losing a child, or has lost a child, can see how death reshapes love and life re-forms in a forever-altered state.

Books for grieving parents are about how to live with the loss that will always live in every parent, in every breath, in every moment.

If you are looking for books for grieving the loss of a child, this book will show you how others have lived in the midst of great loss. The loss of a child is the ultimate challenge to life, and reading about the experience of others coping with loss, living in the midst of loss, can help you know you are not alone.

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