When you’re living in Afterloss everything is in slow motion. What I’ve come to realize it is out of sync with the world around us. People go on with lives and life changes for those in loss.

It takes a lot of intentionality to go through grief. That’s why it’s called grief work. And grief work is the reintegration of what was into a new life. A part of me goes with the ones that I lost and a part of them stays with me. I am being reintegrated into a whole new being that lives straddling heaven and earth in many ways.

Benjamin Pintrest Grief workWhile the world continues on as it was, for those grieving it is a world of what is now. That is why if feels out of sync, off kilter. It may look like the same world on the outside, but inside it is different. With intentionality and awareness the grief work can build bridges and common ground with the world around us, but I’ve come to realize that I do not expect to go back to what it was. I find ways to live with what is.


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