There are sacred places uniquely designed for healing grief. These sacred places are created by the individual living in the Afterloss. These places become sacred by shared memories or significant events that reflect a deeper meaning in the Afterloss.

Benjamin SacredHalf Moon Bay became sacred because Lydia and I spent some of fondest memories there early in our marriage. It was also where I spread the ashes of Lydia, Matt and Bryan.

Certain parks and restaurants became sacred. Paths we would walk became sacred. TV shows and movies that Matt loved became sacred.

Nothing is inherently sacred. To become sacred it has to be touched by a deeper meaning and embroider into memory.

These sacred places are an integral part of healing for me. I touch them and their meaning and memory reshape sorrow into gratitude.

I encourage you to find and honor your sacred places. Let them touch you as you touch them. Hold them in gratitude for how the memory of the one you love found such a deep and meaningful place inside you. I hope your sacred places will be as healing for you as mine have been for me.

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